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Agent Commercial - Commercial Agent - Manufacturer's Sales Representative - Sales Consultant - Sales Channel Management

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1205 Genève

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Industry: Sales, Business Development, Emerging Technologies

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Education level / Diplomas: Master in International Management (Finance), Bachelor of Arts in International Business (Marketing)

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Master in International Management (Finance), Bachelor of Arts in International Business (Marketing)

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Mr. Ri... R...


1205 Genève

2016 – 2017 Following my move to Geneva
in later 2015, I started a new business representing the leading women’s
lingerie brand in Brazil, selling to both distribution channels and consumers. I
closed the business on 30 September 2017 after the manufacturer closed their
export department to focus exclusively on their franchise stores in Brazil.
2010 – 2015 Unofficial early
retirement in Luxembourg with a variety of capital investment pursuits
2003 – 2010 Founder and
Managing Director of a multi-country
Sales Outsourcing Group composed of 14 companies situated in Germany, France
and the Benelux. The group’s principle business was 80% as a commission-only Manufacturer’s
Rep Firm, new technologies in consumer electronics to the largest food and
non-food retailers in these countries, and 20% Sales Consulting (sales channel
creation, business development, market research studies, market intelligence
and interim sales management). I sold the sales consulting business in early 2008,
then following and unexpected offer, I sold the 12 companies in France,
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands that performed commercial and technical
service activities in 2010. The last company remained open but inactive in
Luxembourg since the end of 2006, but is now in liquidation in 2017.2008 – 2009 Vice President, EMEA
for an American manufacturer of wireless Professional Audio products,
restructuring a weak existing international distribution network of Tier 1 and
Tier 2 distributors in the 130-country EMEA region to be able to dramatically
increase sales. Nearly doubled sales (+48%) during a period of economic crisis,
while traveling 90% throughout the region. I began this assignment as a
contract with my Sales Consulting company above and changed to employee after
two months after selling th sales consulting business.2002 – 2003 Country Manager
& Sales Director, Luxembourg for an American Business Process Outsourcing
conglomerate in a matrix environment during market entry phase in Luxembourg,
expanding operations from two to 22 persons and quadrupling sales within one
year while in parallel moving offices, and implementing Six Sigma and ISO 9002:2000
quality procedures and a "follow-the-sun" production environment. My
original intent was to begin this assignment under contract with my
newly-formed Sales Consulting company, but the employer preferred it be done as
an employee.2001 – 2002 Acting Manager
Finance & Administration for a private Executive Jet Service
majority-owned owned by a long-time acquaintance while resettling in Luxembourg
following my return from the US. My focus was on on extracting
and analyzing financial data related to the usage and maintenance of the
aircraft, as well as presenting and defending the information to attornies and
judges in Luxembourg and German courts involved in a complex intrnational lawsuit
related to the time-shared ownership among two groups of shareholders. Managed
the finance, accounting and human resource functions in parallel. As this
assignment came to a successful close, I created the first company in what
would later be my 14-company group.2000 – 2001 Vice
President Worldwide Sales
with America’s leading creator and publisher
of psychological and aptitude tests, where I focused on the creation of an
inside telesales team selling direct to corporate customers and the implementation
and integration of new Sales Force Automation tools. Left to return to Luxembourg
after six years in the US, following the pronounciation of my divorce.1997 – 1999 Director
International Sales and Marketing for an international manufacturer of electronic
HVAC climate controls and electronic smoke, heat and CO2 detectors.
Sole salesperson responsible for about $10 million in distribution sales to
Tier 1 distributors outside the US and Canada, while managing a small 3-person
marketing group dedicated to international distributors. Travel >50%
worldwide.1994 – 1997 Brand Manager, Wireless Modems for the Wireless Data
Carrier subsidiary of Motorola in the newly-born wireless data industry. Because
of my long experience with new technologies in the computer retail sector, I
was hired to manage the product development at Motorola and IBM, and launch of the first
wireless RF data modems for handheld
devices and personal computers in the consumer marketplace. Managed product planning, -management,
-marketing and -support.1991 – 1994 Managing Director
(Geschäftsführer) of the German subsidiary of Europe’s largest value-added distributor
of IBM computer systems. Full responsibility for the country’s P&L of 30
million DM, with a staff of 75 persons, including eight direct reports and an
outside sales staff of 40 direct sales personnel in nine remote offices
throughout the country.1990 – 1991 Brand Manager, Agricultural
Tractors for one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of Agricultural Tractors
and Equipment in the US. Managed a budget of 19 million German marks and staff
of 22 persons in Germany and the US who were responsible for worldwide product planning, -management, -marketing and -support
for all agricultural tractors produced in Germany with sales of 619 million DM.
Focus was implementing computer technology into these products and training of
sales force.1985 – 1989 Transferred to the
European headquarters as Product Acquisition & Marketing Manager,
based in Luxembourg, for a chain of computer retail stores. I was responsible
for determining the product lines sold by 95 European stores, the subsequent negotiation
of European distribution contracts with suppliers, and the design and implementation
of European store marketing programs by a staff of 12 persons located in
Luxembourg.1984 – 1985 Promoted to
department manager as International Vendor Relations Manager at the
headquarters of the international divison of the same computer retailer, I
managed the department responsible for negotiating international distribution
contracts with suppliers who products were purchased in California and supplied
to operating companies in Europe, Japan, China, Australia and Canada.1984 – 1984 Transferred to the
headquarters of the international divison in California as a Hardware Program
Manager, I negotiated international distribution contracts with assigned
manufacturers with a number of peers doing the same for other hardware and
software products.1983 – 1984 After completing my
graduate degree at Thunderbird, I worked for a few months as an outside Sales
Executive in Phoenix, Arizona, with the same computer retail chain.1982 – 1983 Hired as a part-time Marketing
Support Specialist during the entire period of my graduate degree studies
at the regional Arizona/Nevada headquarters of the same retail computer chain.

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Mr. Ri... R...

1205 Genève

Agent Commercial - Commercial Agent - Manufacturer's Sales Representative - Sales Consultant - Sales Channel Management

Experienced commercial agent with many years of experience in France, Germany and the Benelux. Worked selling emerging technologies in electronics in 65 countries during 40 years. Dynamic hunter-style sales professional experienced in new customer acquisition and sales channel creation.

Mr. Ri... R...

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